Who We Are

      Learn more about the best darn credit union in Colorado history! We're passionate about transforming how you experience financial services. We're your neighbor, stop in and talk with us, or give us a call. We're here to Help You Afford LIfe, so you can Go Live.

      Our Purpose

      We're here to Help You Afford Life.

      We strive to help individuals and families make better decisions and grow stronger financially. We provide simple and relevant products and services at a consistently honest value.

      Our Core Values

      Embodying Excellence

      We will always do right by our members, our Canvas family, and others.

      Consistently Trustworthy

      We will work together to create an environment of respect, value and trust.

      Exceeding Expectations

      We will strive for constant improvement and consistent excellence.

      A Year in Review: 2020

      Last year may have been full of ups and downs, but there was plenty to celebrate at Canvas. We're driven by our commitment to our vision pillars and purpose to help our members afford life. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about all of the great ways we served our members, and family members alike, in the past year.

      We are a leader in our communities and beyond.

      We believe Canvas will be a household name in our communities.

      We are known for our people.

      We are known for our heart.

      We will be known for ease of use.

      Interested in checking out the digits behind our financial performance in 2020? Click here to check out how Canvas financially performed in the past year.

      A Message from Todd:

      leader in our communities infographic

      To our Canvas family,

      As I reflect on 2020, it humbles me greatly to see how our Canvas family has continued to serve our members, family, and others with their whole heart. While there were dark moments throughout the year, we stayed focused on service, the difference we could make for each member, and shaping an even more vibrant future for our Colorado communities. Our Canvas family shined so bright and I cannot say it enough, it was incredible to see their commitment and perseverance.

      We worked hard to keep our members safe and ensure they could afford life. We grew our membership by 6,939 people and over a third of them were referred to us by our current members. We grew in assets by $548,828,761 reaching a milestone of over $3.2 billion. We committed to no layoffs, focused on training and development, and promoted 91 individuals in our Canvas family. How incredible is that?! During a pandemic, we served and cared more than we ever thought humanly possible. I am beyond grateful for and inspired by the wholehearted spirit and determination that we embodied.

      We also relied heavily on the power of listening. Listening has always helped us improve. In 2020, we listened to our Canvas Family and to our members, and what I heard was awe-inspiring. The honest feedback offered invaluable wisdom. Listening and really hearing, helped me understand what we need to do to best serve our members, family, and others. Our members deserve a credit union that helps them Go Live without worrying about their banking, that walks with them as the navigate their financial journey to afford life, and is also truly easy to use.

      We continue to focus on our strategic pillars: being known for our people, being known for our heart, being a leader in our communities, and becoming a household name. We’ve added a vision pillar to be known for ease of use and have already made great strides in that area in 2020, and are excited to carry these initiatives forward for you. I am incredibly excited about how we are going to make Canvas the credit union of choice for all Coloradans.

      The best is yet to come,

      Todd Marksberry
      President & CEO, Canvas Credit Union

      Canvas supports your communities.

      leader in our communities infographic

      During 2020, we came together as a family to support members who needed financial assistance during the pandemic, while also continuing to give back to the communities we serve along the Front Range. In addition, we hosted free, virtual financial seminars that empowered our members to make the best financial decisions. To top off a year that felt full of unknowns, we validated that Canvas members have a higher level of well-being than other financial institutions in Colorado. They Live Well(er) financially, mentally, physically, and socially.

      2,500 branch appointments were scheduled using canvas.org/booking.
      93% record high satisfaction rating.
      634,579 phone calls our Communication Center took to serve our members. That's over 1,700 calls per day and 66,000+ more than 2019.
      $18.3M+ in 735 Payroll Protection Program loans, helping business members receive assistance during the global crisis.
      $300,000+ donated or spent on supporting over 50 local charities and non-profit organizations in our communities.
      10,000+ worldwide listens to the 46 "In the Room w/ Todd Marksberry" 2020 podcast episodes, featuring credit union and local Colorado leaders.

      Explore Our Other Pillars

      Your credit union is growing more each day.

      household name infographic

      Canvas continues to serve and be known by more Coloradans year by year. In 2020, we welcomed new members to the Canvas Family and our assets rose to more than $3 billion. One reason for our continued growth is our mortgage team who doubled in size. They helped Coloradans become first time homebuyers, extended our realtor network to support members in home hunting, and ensured that Canvas is a go-to for mortgage services across Colorful Colorado and beyond! Canvas is a trusted financial friend that more members and Coloradans prefer for their financial journey.

      6,939 new members joined Canvas to let us do their banking for them so they can Go Live.
      2,391 new members who were referred to Canvas by current members, that's 34% of our new members!
      $548,828,761 in assets Canvas grew by in 2020.
      274 first-time home buyers who counted on Canvas to make homeownership a reality.
      1,872 mortgages completed, for homes totaling over $558 million.

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      Our delightfully off-beat Canvas family loves to serve you.

      ease of use infographic

      We know the secret sauce to our wholehearted, shoulder-to-shoulder service is our Canvas Family. Being “Known for Our People,” means Canvas invests in our Family’s growth, safety, wellness, and development so they can even better serve you, our members. In 2020, we earned the Great Place to Work™ award for the second year in a row, with even better scores than in 2019. We promoted 91 Family members and we helped cultivate continuous learning opportunities. As our commitment to wellness grows for our members, it also does for our Family. That’s why Canvas hired a Wellness Champion who provides wellness advice and supports the Canvas Family to achieve wellness goals and embrace a health-driven lifestyle.

      91 Canvas Family were recognized and promoted into their next career level.
      90% of the Canvas Family feel a sense of pride about what they are doing as they serve each day according to our Great Place to Work™ survey results.
      96% of the Canvas Family said they feel good about the ways Canvas contributes to our local communities.
      92% of the Canvas Family said they the Can Fam genuinely care about one another.
      14,211 hours our Canvas Family dedicated to growing and learning.

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      Canvas is all heart, all the time for its members and communities.

      ease of use infographic

      We care deeply about our members, communities, and each other. During 2020, we came together as a family to help Coloradans afford life, help our communities strengthen and thrive, and help our members no matter their circumstance. To top off a year full of unknowns, we learned that, without-a-doubt, Canvas members have higher levels of well-being than Coloradans who aren’t yet being served by our family. Canvas members Live Well(er) financially, mentally, physically, and socially. With our heart in all we do, there are infinite reasons to count on Canvas.

      308 Helping Hand personal loans provided to members needing financial support during the pandemic.
      49,000 is the total amount we deferred on over $22.5M loan payments, helping temporarily relieve our members of the burden of making their loan payments during the height of the crises.
      3,324 hours that Canvas Family volunteered at more than 120 organizations.
      2,746 people attended one of 165 financial education courses offered by Canvas to learn more about their finances and banking.
      14,211 hours our Canvas Family dedicated to growing and learning.
      Canvas members Live Well(er). It's a fact, banking with Canvas boosts your well-being.

      Explore Our Other Pillars

      Your financial experience at Canvas will be simple and easy.

      ease of use infographic

      We heard from our members that ease of use is top of mind. Whether that’s digital banking, in-person, or a mix of both, Canvas wants to help members afford life while providing the best experiences. We are actively taking steps, including user experience studies, to improve online search, remote banking journeys, and in-person service experiences. We’ve already created a taskforce and action plans to improve and enhance the way we serve our members every step of the way. Canvas will be known for ease of use.

      Here's what our members told us we already do exceptionally well...
      • Our Family’s desire to wholeheartedly serve.
      • Their trust in us for now and forever.
      • Our convenient locations and all the ways we help them afford life.

      We know we can always do better, and we've heard you. Expect us to reduce wait times, make turn around faster, enhance communication, and invest in our digital tools.

      2021 is an important year to focus our efforts on developing new and improved processes and technology to improve our members' experiences in-person, online, and more.

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