Everyday Financial Needs

        From spending without worry on vacation to buying slick new software for your start-up, we take care of the financial heavy lifting so you can Go Live.
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        • Free Checking

          Canvas Free Checking is just the ticket for managing your daily cash flow.

        • Interest Checking

          Put your hard-earned money to work with our Canvas Interest Checking Account.

        • Mobile Checking

          When was the last time you wrote a check? Go paperless with our Canvas Mobile Checking Account.

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        • Free Business Checking Account

          Our FREE Business Checking Account is perfect for managing everyday business needs, such as coffee and donuts.

        • Premier Business Checking Account

          Open a checking account that keeps your business earning. Keep a $3,000 balance in our Canvas Premium Business Checking Account and earn interest while doing business.

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        • Platinum Elite Mastercard®

          Boost your purchasing options with our hassle-free credit card that combines low rates with the security of Mastercard®.

        • Platinum Elite Rewards Mastercard®

          Could grocery shopping earn you a dream vacation? Why yes, it could. Earn Power Point Rewards for gift cards, donations, merchandise, travel, and more with each purchase.

        • Classic Mastercard®

          Our secured Mastercard® is perfect for the beginner who needs to establish credit, or anyone in need of a credit refresh.

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        • Business Mastercard®

          Let’s get your business the buying power and security of Mastercard® at affordable rates with our hassle-free Canvas Business Credit Card.

        Spending Can Be Rewarding

        Even a stop at the gas pump can earn rewards toward your next vacation or those new noise-cancelling headphones when you wield the power of our Canvas Platinum Elite Rewards Mastercard®.