Let's Get Saving Today

      What are you saving for? A dream vacation, college, or a comfy retirement cottage? Or maybe it’s time to put your money to work so you can bankroll your next business enterprise. There’s more than one way to save. Let’s browse your options and we’ll make it easy and painless to start building for your future now.
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      • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

        We’ll help you get to your savings goal faster with one of our CDs. You’ll earn more than a basic savings account, and with terms from 6- to 60-months, you’ll have that down payment or deposit all set.

      • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

        Whether saving for retirement or college, we have an IRA that could paint a spectacular future for you now and later.

      • Money Market Accounts

        We know life throws curve balls. That’s why our Money Market Accounts let you stay liquid while earning. With a Jumbo option and tiered rates, you can keep running errands with available funds while scoring big.

      • Savings Accounts

        Let’s get saving, whether it’s for health expenses, a tropical vacation, or that perfect gift. It all starts with our member savings account, welcoming you to the Canvas family!

      • Reverse Tier & Next Level Savings

        Our Reverse Tier Savings helps you earn more regardless of how much you can deposit and our Next Level Savings is the perfect option for college students!

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      • Business Membership Savings Account

        For only $5 your business can reap the benefits of a Canvas Credit Union Business Membership. This share account establishes you as a member, earns interest, and has no monthly fees.

      • Business Money Market Accounts

        Your company can earn even more with our Business Money Market Accounts. The higher the balance the higher earnings with our tiered interest rates, and we even have a supersize Jumbo option for $100,000 or more.

      • Simplified Employee Pension IRA

        Get that “Greatest Boss” coffee mug from your staff when you set up a simple pension plan for you and your employees. A Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account, or SEP-IRA, will get you saving for your golden years while supporting your team’s future.