High-Yield Credit Union Savings Accounts

      What are you saving for? A dream vacation, college, or a comfy retirement cottage. There’s more than one way to save. Browse your options and start saving today.

      Next Level Savings Account

      Next Level Savings Account

      Best Rate APY

      We upped the earnings to 5.00% APY for college students with our Next Level Savings Account. There's no learning curve with this campus-friendly savings option. Pair your Next Level with our Level Up Checking, and we'll help you turn your spare change into your next concert or pizza night.

      • Earn 5.00% APY on the first $1,000 you deposit.
      • Just for college-aged young adults 18 to 24 years-old.
      • Get saving with any amount. No minimum balance required.
      • Keep your Next Level Savings for 5 years, or as long as you're a student.
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      Reverse Tier Savings Account

      Best Rate APY

      We’re flipping your earning potential. Earn higher rates no matter how much you deposit with our Canvas Reverse Tier Savings Account. Get 2.50% APY on the first $2,000.

      • Any amount is worth saving, no minimum deposit to open.
      • No minimum balance required.
      • No service fees.
      • First $5,000 deposited must be funds not currently on deposit at Canvas Credit Union.
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      Savings Accounts

      We’ve got you covered with personalized ways to grow your cash.

      Membership Savings Account
      Rate APY

      Become a member with a minimum deposit of only $5. You’ll save money with access to all our great products and services.

      Holiday Savings Account
      Rate APY

      Don’t use high-interest credit cards for holiday purchases. Save money all year long for those special holidays gifts and fun.

      Personalized Savings
      Rate: APY

      Personalize your savings. What are you saving for, a dream vacation, new car, or college? Name your account and get saving.

      Health Savings Account (HSA)
      Best Rate APY

      Do you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? Save for your health needs and reap the tax benefits by opening an HSA.

      Certificates of Deposit

      Can you stock pile some cash for six months? Twelve months or more? Then open one of our Certificates of Deposit (CDs) to earn even higher rates than traditional savings or money market accounts.
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      Best Rate APY

      We’ll put your money to work for you so you’ll be free for what makes life worth living. Find the right CD terms and rates for you to earn more and Go Live.

      • Begin with just $1,000 to start earning worry-free.
      • Terms include 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60-Months.
      • We make funding your CD easy using wire transfers, ACH, and checks.
      • Interest is compounded and credited monthly.
      • The cash needs to stay put to keep earning, early withdrawal fees may apply.
      • Stay tuned for our special CD offers!
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      Individual Retirement Accounts

      Best Rate APY

      What does your retirement look like? Whether it’s a lavish garden or sky-diving lessons, our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can help get you there.

      • We’ve got Traditional and Roth IRAs and will help you choose which one is right for you. Visit our Traditional or Roth IRA comparison chart.
      • Your retirement savings builds with our IRA Savings Account.
      • Looking to earn more with your existing retirement savings? Opt for our IRA Certificates of Deposit (CDs).
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      Money Market Accounts

      Best Rate APY

      Got $1,000 or more you can keep stashed in your savings account? You could be earning a higher interest rate with one of our Canvas Money Market Accounts. And, your money stays available to you while it earns. Access your money when and where you want with Online and Mobile Services, and write checks too.

      • Build your savings in our standard Money Market account with only $1,000 to get started.
      • Our Money Market Plus has a $10,000 minimum balance for greater earnings growth and tiered rates that go up and up.
      • Reap oversized earnings with our Jumbo Money Market Account on balances of $100,000 or more.
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