We help you live your life fully. Let’s find your first home where you’ll make a lifetime of memories, that first car to go on mountain road trips, or that dream vacation to fulfill your wanderlust.


        We want to see you rolling in that sweet new ride, reliable transportation, or four-wheeling funmobile. We’re here to help you borrow quickly and affordably so you can Go Live.
        Auto Loans
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        Get great rates to buy a new or used car or truck, or refinance that sweet ride you already have.

        Motorcycle Loans
        Best Rate APR

        We’ll help you hit the open road on a new motorcycle or maybe refinance your existing ride.

        ATV, RV and Boat Loans
        Best Rate APR

        Our recreational vehicle loans will get you four wheeling or glamping in no time.

        Home Equity Line of Credit

        Best Rate APR

        What’s a Home Equity Line of Credit? If you’re a homeowner, it’s a smart way to borrow money. Use your home’s equity to get cash to fix your home, pay off debt, or take that dream vacation.

        Canvas Preferred Equity Line of Credit

        Our home equity line of credit is "preferred." That means we provide access to your equity how and when you prefer. So let's get you those funds now!

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        We’re here to help you with your new home, that perfect palace or rustic abode where you’ll build memorable moments. So when you are ready, we’re ready with all you need to make it happen.

        Buying Your First Home?

        We have the local knowledge of our Colorado towns and cities and the financial knowhow for quick approvals. We’ll be right by your side through each step of the process, from start to finish.

        Refinancing Your Mortgage?

        We know now is the time to save money by refinancing your home. We’re your neighbor, in your community, and here to get you the term and rate that’s right for you.

        Canvas Mortgage Rates

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        Overdraft Line of Credit

        Rate APR

        Say goodbye to bounced checks, declined purchases, and fees with our Overdraft Line of Credit. Don’t ever overdraw on your checking account.

        • Funds are transferred into your checking account in $100 increments, if needed.
        • A low minimum payment of 3% of the total balance, or $30, whichever is greater, is due monthly.
        • Payments are transferred out of your checking account each month.
        • No transaction fees.
        • Approved credit required.

        Secured Loans

        Call For Rates

        Let’s build your credit or improve your score. Our secured loan options are a great way to boost your credit. Set rates and fixed monthly payments will get you back on track.

        • Certificate of Deposit (CD) collateral minimum $1,000, Savings collateral minimum $500
        • Term maximum of 60 months
        • Fixed monthly payments

        Signature Loans

        Best Rate APR

        Get off the high-interest roller coaster with our low interest personal signature loan. It is the ideal solution to pay off debt, make large purchases, or take care of unexpected expenses.

        • No collateral required, rate based on credit history
        • Borrow between $500 to $10,000
        • Terms up to 60 months
        • Fixed monthly payments

        Free Financial Success Seminars

        Financial education doesn't have to be boring. We make it fun to learn how you could get you closer to your dreams. Whether you want to know about saving for your next adventure or buying your first home, we have the seminar to get you there. And, they're all FREE!