We're here to Help You Afford Life by providing solutions for you to save, spend, borrow, and plan for life’s needs. Don’t spend life’s moments managing money. Go Live. We’ve got you covered.

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        • Free Checking

          • Yes, FREE Checking. No minimum balance required. No monthly service fees.
        • Interest Checking

          • Carrying a balance? Put it to work. Maintain a minimum balance of $500, and earn interest.
        • Level Up your Checking

          • Our new Level Up Checking Account rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar, and puts the difference into your Canvas Savings Account!
        • Mobile Checking

          • When did you last write a check? Go paperless. No paper checks or statements.
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        • Platinum Elite Mastercard®

          • A hassle-free card combining low rates with the security of Mastercard.
        • Platinum Elite Rewards Mastercard®

          • Earn rewards on everyday purchases, even gas and groceries, while getting low rates.
        • Classic Mastercard®

          • Need to establish or improve your credit? Get started with our secured credit card.
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        • Vehicle Loans

          • Whether you’re buying your dream car, motorcycle, ATV, or a reliable ride, you’ll get great rates with us!
        • Home Equity Line of Credit

          • Your home could be hiding money that you could use, for almost anything. Yes really, almost anything.
        • Mortgages

          • Buying a home or refinancing? Our team can guide you smoothly through the process.
        • Overdraft Line of Credit

          • Say goodbye to bounced checks, declined purchases, and fees with our Overdraft Line of Credit.
        • Secured & Signature Loans

          • We offer secured loans to boost your credit and signature (unsecured) loans to finance your larger dreams.
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        • Certificate of Deposit (CD)

          • We offer a variety of CD terms and rates that could earn more than a basic savings account.
        • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

          • Whether saving for retirement or college, we have options to get you financially prepared.
        • Money Market Account

          • If you maintain more than $1,000 in your savings account, you could earn more with a Money Market Account.
        • Savings Accounts

          • Get started saving today. Create custom savings where you can stash funds for the near or distant future.
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        • Let’s get planning today, and create a golden tomorrow. Our MEMBERS Financial Services advisors can help you achieve your goals whether it’s starting school next month or funding your retirement villa. We’ve got the scoop on important choices such as financial planning, preparing for college expenses, retirement savings, and trust and estate conservation.

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        • We are not a place you bank, we’re more. Sure, we’re a secure and insured financial provider, but we’re also a not-for-profit co-op owned by our members. We answer to our members, not investors. We’re here for the long haul, the ups and downs, and are dedicated to Helping you Afford Life. Join our Canvas family today. Leave the banking to us while you Go Live.

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