Account Services

        You want it convenient, you need it secure. We’re here for you, providing the personal touch to your financial needs while giving you on-the-go online and mobile options. Let us help take care of the details, so you can Go Live.

        Online & Mobile Services

        Manage your Canvas accounts from your personal computer or mobile device with our Online & Mobile Banking services. Registration required.

        Go To Online & Mobile Services

        Virtual Wallets

        Our plastic is cool, but you’re too cool to carry a credit or debit card around. Use Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay® with any of our cards, and make purchases using your mobile device — online or in person. It’s more secure than actually using the card.

        CHAT (Account Access by Phone)

        Okay, so it’s totally old-school, even the name doesn’t quite fit anymore, but the system still works. Access your accounts from anywhere, anytime over the phone (even a touchtone landline). View account balances, make transfers, withdrawals, and payments. Read how to here CHAT Guide (PDF). Or dial 303-782-0991 or 800-782-0994 to jump right in.

        Direct Deposit

        Paper paychecks are so last century. Direct Deposit is where it’s at, and it’s FREE. Provide the numbers below to whomever wants to deposit money into your account and you’re golden.

        • Your Canvas 10-digit account number
        • Our Canvas ABA/Routing number. Canvas routing #: 302075830.
        Find your routing & account number

        Notary Service & Signature Guarantees

        We provide Notary Service and Signature Guarantees to all members, and it’s FREE. We also offer Notary Services to Share Members for a $5.00 fee.

        ACH/Automatic Loan Payment

        Paying your Canvas loan is easy with our automatic electronic payments. You never have to worry about a late payment or penalty fees.

        Cashier's Checks

        Step into any of our branches to purchase cashier’s checks. All you need is the name of the person or business you want the check made out to and the amount you want it made out for.

        Book a Branch Appointment

        Schedule time to visit select Canvas branches online today. Become a member, add additional accounts, get help, meet with a notary, and more!

        Wire Transfers

        Send money safely and securely to a U.S. or foreign financial institutions.

        Incoming Wire Transfers

        You’ll need to provide the following instructions to the originating financial institution for one-time and recurring wires

        Wire goes to:

        • Canvas Credit Union
          ABA (Routing) # 302075830
          PO Box 5238, Englewood, CO 80155


        • Your full name
        • Your 10-digit Canvas account number

        Outgoing Wire Transfers

        A typical domestic or international wire requires the following information about the person receiving the wire, or the beneficiary:

        • The full name and address of the beneficiary
        • Account number
        • Financial institution name and address
        • ABA/Routing number for domestic or ABA/Routing/Swift Code number for international wires
        • Reason/purpose is required for international wires
        • Special instructions may be required. Please contact the beneficiary financial institution for their incoming wire instructions to avoid discrepancies.