Helping You Afford Life

      CEO, Todd Marksberry

      At Canvas Credit Union, our goal is to help you afford life.

      How are we doing this? By focusing on People, not Profits, by keeping loan rates lower and savings rates higher and by giving you tools to enhance your financial education. See, we believe in Heart, Family, Community and Trust; which means when you win, we win.

      When people are new to credit unions sometimes they have questions about them. So to get you started in the conversation, here are a few of the more frequent ones that we get asked.

      Why join a credit union?

      Credit unions are member-owned, which means, you’re not a customer. You’re a part of something. You’re a member-owner. Credit unions are distinctive depository institutions created not for profit, but to serve their members as financial cooperatives.

      So what is a financial cooperative?

      Put simply, one member’s savings becomes another member’s loan and your savings are safe and insured by the Credit Union National Association. This is a century old tradition and the heart and soul of all credit unions. This allows member-owners to take advantage of lower loan rates and higher savings rates. Being a financial cooperative credit union we are creating a cycle of communal assistance towards the common goal of the financial well-being of our members.

      We would love to have you as a member-owner here at Canvas Credit Union, so let’s continue the conversation. Fill out the information below and our Member Success Team will reach out and answer all the questions that you have about how Canvas Credit Union helps you afford life.

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