Canvas Credit Union Gives Back to the Community

      Our Community Matters

      Your community is our community. We lead with our heart, which is why we provide free financial education, scholarships, and are champions for charities within our local Colorado neighborhoods.
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      • Canvas Foundation

        Schools. Families. Veterans. First Responders.
        We want to share our hearts with our communities and place a special focus on schools, families, veterans, and first responders. That’s why in 2016 we established the Canvas Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that enables us to give back to our communities.


      • Branch Community Donations

        We value the neighborhoods we live and work, so each Canvas Branch location gives directly to the communities they serve.

      • Canvas Giving Initiatives

        Our giving initiatives are based on our Foundation's values that focus on schools, family, veterans, and first responders throughout Colorado.

      • Children's Hospital Colorado

        Along with Credit Unions for Kids and the Children’s Miracle Network, we raise funds throughout the year to help kids in need.


      • Community Scholarship Program

        Our Branch locations award 26 deserving high school students looking to further their education with our Community Scholarship.

      • Dedicate to Graduate Scholarship

        Each year we award two students that have demonstrated character and leadership a $5,000 scholarship each to further their education.

      • First Class Scholarship

        We’re proud to be a part of this program providing scholarships to Colorado students aspiring to be the first in their family to attend college.

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      • Stop by a FREE Financial Success Seminar

        With only an hour of your time we can improve your financial wellness. Stop by one of our FREE seminars and get insight into budgets, home-buying, and many more financial solutions for you and your family.

      • Learn About Money When & Where You Want

        Improve your money skills without leaving your home or slipping out of your fuzzy bunny slippers. You can learn about money, finances, credit scores, and more at your own pace with our FREE online learning tools.

      • Turning Students into Financial Scholars

        Let’s get our younger generation financial skills sooner vs. later, right? Our Financial Scholars program does just that, giving high schools FREE online financial learning tools that prepare young adults with core financial knowhow.

      • MoneyWiser™ Makes Learning Fun for Kids

        It’s never too early to learn smart money skills, that’s why we’re supporting MoneyWiser™. The Colorado Attorney General’s Office’s program makes learning about money fun and interactive within elementary schools statewide.

      A Foundation for Good

      Our Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers us to give back. This is how we share our heart with our communities by supporting schools, families, veterans, and first responders.