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        We’re here to answer your questions, about credit unions, products, services, mobile apps, and the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Ok, maybe not the cookie recipe. But we’ll help with all those nitty gritty financial questions you have.

        Most Common Questions

        When questions arise about Canvas or our services, we're here to help you find the info you need in a snap. Below are the most common questions in one helpful place.

        Want more info on any of these topics or have a question that we haven't included? Please visit your favorite Canvas branch, give us a call, or text us at 303.691.2345

        Routing & Account Numbers

        Canvas routing number is 302075830

        • Routing numbers are used for direct deposits, transfers to or from other financial institutions, and domestic wires.
        • Your 10-digit account number can easily be located at the bottom of your checks next to the routing number and on your original account documents. If you don’t have checks on hand and want your account number, we’re happy to help. Give us a call or text at 303.691.2345 or visit your favorite Canvas branch.

        Online Banking

        Visit our Online & Mobile Services page for guidance on how to set-up your online account. Once you complete the set-up, you’ll love the convenience and benefits of 24/7 access, account alerts, make transfers, remote deposit, view eStatements, pay bills, and so much more.

        To change your online banking password, click the "My Account" button in the top-right of and select "Forgot your password/username" in the bottom-right corner of the login box. From there, we’ll walk you through a few questions about your account and personal information so we can provide what you need to reset your password. By the way, it’s always a good idea to update your password frequently, so kudos to you!

        We care deeply about our members’ security, and sometimes use secure two-factor authentication to ensure there’s no imposters logging into your account. You may be asked to receive and confirm a special code when you register/login to online banking for the first time, use a new device, or switch between personal and business accounts.

        If you get prompted for an authorization code, you can receive one via text message, voicemail, or email. If you choose to receive the authorization code by text message, but don’t receive one within 15 minutes, try using another code delivery method: voice or email.

        Never received your code via text? Please follow up with your phone service provider. You can also give us a call at 303.691.2345.

        Canvas’ Bill Pay service allows you to send payments from your Canvas account to a business or person whenever you’d like. The Bill Pay service is completely free when you use it 3 or more times per month. If you use it less than 3 times in a calendar month, there is $3.95 monthly fee.

        To opt-in and get started with Bill Pay: Login to online banking and click “Bill Pay”. Then, accept the Terms and Conditions and you’re on your way! If you opt-in to Bill

        Pay and find yourself not using it, no problem. You can opt out by calling or texting us at 303.691.2345 or by visiting your favorite Canvas branch.

        To set-up a transfer to another Canvas member, first things first, we need to add them to your transfer list. Call or text us at 303.691.2345, or visit the closest Canvas branch, with the name and account number of the human you wish to transfer to and we will add them to your transfer list. Then, you can transfer to them as much as you’d like!

        How to transfer between Canvas accounts:
        After we add the account to your transfer list, you can login into online banking or the Canvas app and select “Move Money” from the sidebar menu.

        Then, select “Transfer Funds.” You will see an account beginning with “ALT ACCT… (12-XX)” and the last 2 digits of the account number you want to transfer to.

        Select the account and transfer is complete!

        You can move money into or out of any of your checking or savings accounts at another U.S. financial institution when using Canvas’ online banking or app.

        To transfer into your Canvas account from another credit union or bank, please reach out and work with that other financial institution to get started.

        This is how you transfer money from your Canvas account into a different credit union or bank:

        1. From the sidebar options, select “Move Money” and then select "Externally.”
        2. Then click “Add A New Account.”
        3. Follow the prompts and plug in your other financial institution’s routing and account number.
        4. We will send two small verification deposits within 3-5 business days to your other account.
        5. After your other account receives the two small deposits, select “Externally” from the menu again and activate your pending account by typing the deposits in verification page.

        Helpful-to-know: it can take up to three business days to transfer funds into or out of your other financial institution.

        Make a Canvas Loan Payment

        Use online banking or our Canvas App: You can make a payment directly from your Canvas account when logged into online banking at or on our mobile Canvas app. Select “Transfers” from the Move Money menu and then choose which loan you’d like to pay and which Canvas account you’d like to make the payment from.

        You can also use our self-service phone number at 303.639.2131.

        You can make a Canvas loan payment by using your debit card or by paying from a different credit union or bank account. Here’s how:

        • Pay on Select the “Make a Payment” option. You will need your 6-digit account number, your single digit Loan ID (omit any zero in front—see above), and the last 4-digits of your Social Security number. Please be advised there is a daily online payment limit of $2000.00.
        • Pay by calling or texting us: When you call us at 303.691.2345, you can chat with a wonderful human in the Canvas family who can help you make your payment with a debit card or from a different credit union/bank. There is a $7.00 fee for a Canvas human to help make the payment with your debit card.

          Helpful-to-know: Canvas does not accept credit cards for loan payments.

        • From a different credit union or bank: If you’d like to set up your Canvas loan payment to be paid directly from a different credit union or bank, you’ll need Canvas’s routing (302075830) and your Canvas account number.

          If you’d like Canvas to help set up the payment from a different credit union or bank, we’d love to help. Call or text us at 303.691.2345 or visit a branch. Please have your other credit union’s/bank’s account number and routing number handy. We will need them both!

        • We love when you visit us! We will help you make any payments at a Canvas branch or drive-thru.
        • You can mail in a check to 9990 Park Meadows Drive Lone Tree, CO 80124 and please include written instructions on your check with your Canvas account number, loan ID number, and a credit card coupon (if applicable, and if you have one).
        • Please send payment at least five business days in advance to ensure payment is processed on time.

        Fraud on my Debit or Credit Card

        If you think there may be fraudulent transactions on your Canvas debit or credit Mastercard®, please disable your card as soon as possible and then give us a call to let us know about the fraudulent activity.

        Think your card may be in the wrong hands? You can quickly disable your credit or debit card to temporarily prevent the card from working. When disabling or freezing your card, if someone tries to use the card or card number, the transaction instantly declines. This is an important step to prevent fraudulent transactions. You can always and easily enable your card and it will work again like usual.

        How to temporarily disable or enable your card:

        1. Log-in to online banking or the Canvas app
        2. Select “Card Management”
        3. Select “Tap the card to enable it or disable it"
        • Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. MT.
        • Saturday after 1:00 p.m. MT & Sunday
          • Call 888.241.2510
            • If they don’t pick-up right away, no problem. They are likely helping another member. Please, leave a voicemail with your experience and contact info, and they will call you right back.

        See something a little fishy in your transaction history? To get a refund quickly, Mastercard® recommends that you reach out to the merchant first, to see if they can provide you a refund directly. This will be the quickest means to a fast refund. If the business or person is unable to provide you a refund, please take note of who you spoke with and what phone number you called. Then, let us know all of the above & we’ll be happy to assist you by filing a dispute.

        If you did not authorize the transaction, and you believe it to be fraudulent activity, please call us right away at 303.691.2345.

        For more information about other common types of fraud, visit: Canvas Security Center.

        Wires, SWIFT Codes & IBAN

        We love to help our members afford life across the globe. Canvas seamlessly sends and receives domestic wires throughout each business day.

        We also love to help send international wires. To receive an international wire in your Canvas account, we partner with other credit unions and banks that each have their own unique SWIFT Code or International Bank Account Number (IBAN); a unique 8-35 digit number for some financial institutions that helps people send money directly from anywhere across the globe. Those institutions receive the international wire on Canvas’ behalf and then forward it to us, so we can place it into your account. This is very common in the financial services world. If you’d like to learn more, give us a ring at 303.691.2345.

        We are happy to help with your wire request but we may require a fee.

        Wire Fees
        Outgoing Domestic $20.00 per wire
        Outgoing International $45.00 per wire
        Incoming Domestic No charge to receive domestic wires!
        Incoming International While Canvas does not directly receive international wires, when an international wire is sent to your Canvas account from a different credit union or bank, there is no fee.

        For more information about fees, please visit our disclosures page.

        Alert Canvas of upcoming travel plans

        When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is access to your money. That’s why it’s important to let us know when you’re traveling to ensure your cards continue working perfectly, no matter where you are. Please, let us know when you are traveling away from your usual hangouts.

        To submit a travel notification: Call or text us at 303.691.2345. We’ll ask you for what dates you are traveling and where you are traveling to/through. It can take up to 24 business hours for all updates to take hold, so try to let us know ahead of time. Bon voyage!

        When Canvas doesn’t know you’re traveling, and your card is used in a new or foreign location, our incredible fraud monitoring system may instantly block the card from working. We do this because we don’t want our members to experience the hassle of fraudulent purchases made with their cards or card numbers.

        Auto Loan: Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

        CPI is insurance coverage we may place on a vehicle if we don’t have your current insurance information. Here are some reasons we may not have your current insurance information:

        • Change of insurance company
        • Change of policy deductibles
        • Missing coverages required by your loan contract
        • Not listing Canvas Credit Union as the Lien Holder of your loan
        • Providing an ID card instead of the Declaration’s page

        Thankfully, any CPI premiums added to your account can easily be refunded to you once the missing information is provided. We simply need a copy of your current insurance Declarations page and proof of coverage with specified date range of coverage, and send to You may also upload your documents to

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