Financial Education

        We believe financial literacy can guide you on the right path to live your dream life. Gain knowledge, so you can Afford Life and Go Live.

        Providing Money Skills for our Community

        We’re here for you and our communities. Just one way we Help You Afford Life is by offering FREE Financial Success Seminars and FREE Financial Online Learning programs.
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        FREE Financial Success Seminars

        Budgeting doesn't have to be boring, after all, it could get you closer to your dreams. Whether you want to learn about saving for your next adventure or buying your first home, we have the seminar to get you there. And, they're all FREE!

        Some of Our Seminar Topics:

        • Buying a Home
        • Medicare Choices
        • Money Personalities
        • Stock Market
        • Student Loan Strategies
        • Wills & Trusts
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        FREE Financial Online Learning

        We’ve made financial learning so easy you can do it in your pajamas and slippers. Our online learning experiences are just a click away. We’ll help prepare you to make the best choices today to have a bright and thriving financial future tomorrow.

        A Sample of Our Online Modules

        • Considering Home Ownership
        • Financing Higher Education
        • Identity Protection
        • Retirement 101
        • Canvas Free Financial Online Learning provides content, help, and terms within our online tool. Just click the button to get started!

        Financial Literacy in Schools

        We want to help the next generation learn about money way before their first paycheck. We support financial literacy programs in Colorado schools, helping to build skills that will benefit our Canvas family and community.
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        Financial Scholars

        Savvy Spending Skills for Colorado Teens

        We’re offering free financial literacy programming to Colorado charter and private high schools with our free Financial Scholars subscription-based online learning tools.

        Improving Financial Literacy by More Than 92%

        In 2018, more than 14 high schools committed to the online financial education modules in their classrooms. This program is enabling more than 800 students to improve their scores on financial literacy assessment tests by an average of 92%.

        Getting the Needed Tech in Schools

        Our goal is to expand this free program to more Colorado high schools. And, we’re taking it even further, by helping schools obtain needed grants for technology and programming needs.

        Want Your School to Participate Financial Scholars?

        Are you a teacher or school administrator interested in using the Financial Scholars program? Contact Malcolm Johnson, at for more information.

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        MoneyWi$er in Elementary Schools

        We joined the Colorado Attorney General’s Office (CAGO) in 2017 to bring MoneyWi$er, a web-based financial learning resource to children in Colorado schools.

        Let's Make Learning About Money Fun

        This digital curriculum makes learning about money fun, using interactive games while still meeting state and national standards. More than 130 elementary schools are using MoneyWi$er’s free online tools, and that number is only growing.

        We're Helping MoneyWi$er Grow

        With additional funds from us, these resources will extend the financial literacy program into more Colorado elementary schools. We're in this for the long-haul, and are aiming to get MoneyWi$er adopted state-wide!

        Want Your School to Participate in MoneyWiser?

        Implementing the MoneyWi$er program in your school is easy. Learn how you could add this course. Contact Malcolm Johnson, at for more information.