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      We’re here to answer your questions, about credit unions, products, services, mobile apps, and the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Ok, maybe not the cookie recipe. But we’ll help with all those nitty gritty financial questions you have.

      Credit Unions

      Everything you need to know about the wonderful world of credit unions.

      The best place to do your banking! Credit unions known (or unknown) to be banking’s best kept secret. Officially, they’re called not-for-profit financial cooperatives, which exist to serve the needs of their members (who are also owners of the credit union). Credit unions offer all of the typical financial products and services you need, just better and at a lower cost for their members.

      Credit unions are owned and controlled by the people, or members, who use their services. Your vote counts. A Board of Directors is elected by members to manage a credit union. Credit unions operate to promote the wellbeing of their members.

      For more information about how exactly credit unions are different (and better), click below.

      Credit Unions are the Best

      Put simply, one member’s savings becomes another member’s loan. This way of banking is a century old tradition and the heart and soul of all credit unions. We’re obsessed with the financial wellbeing and education of our members, because their financial success directly affects our other members’ success.

      Joining a credit union makes you the boss! When you open an account with a credit union, you open up a “share” of the organization. That means, you, and all our other members, are shareholders (owners) of the credit union. It’s one big happy family of equal opportunity owners. Each member gets a vote in how the credit union is run, typically by electing the Board of Directors to represent the membership in operational decisions, like where to locate branches, what rates to offer, and what community events to support

      Canvas Credit Union

      Who we are and how we help you Go Live.

      For eighty years, Public Service Credit Union grew and evolved with you, our members, and the community around us. Our roots began in 1938 as the credit union for the Public Service Company of Colorado employees and has since grown, now with over 232,000 members and 529 team members. And we’re dedicated to continuing the culture that celebrates our people and the credit union difference. Intuitively, we knew (and you told us!) that our brand identity had not caught up with the rest of our organization. In 2018, this movement gave birth to our new identity: Canvas Credit Union!

      We’re changing our name – not our commitment to you, our family, or all of the communities we serve. Public Service said a lot about who we were, it just didn’t say enough. As we look at who we are today and how our membership has transformed over the years, we wanted a name that really reflects us. Before even considering a name change, we surveyed hundreds of members and employees to see if our most important people were open to a change. With their overwhelming support, we knew it was time to go after a name that captures our warmth, our quirks, and our personal dedication to standing shoulder to shoulder with each of our members. The name Canvas better expresses who we are and who we know we can be.

      After a whole lot of research and testing, which was foundational to choosing the name Canvas, what we found was that members and non-members alike, associated the name Canvas Credit Union with a customized approach and our purpose of “helping you afford life.” As one person we talked with said, “I can see it as a blank canvas, and being able to create a better life through the financial backing of the credit union.”

      We also found that they connected the idea of “canvas” with a company that offers a breadth of services and locations. One member associated the name with an organization that has “lots of different financial options - I think of a blank canvas that can be painted to whatever I want.”

      Lastly, we also heard, that those we spoke with found Canvas to be both unique and welcoming, while also reminiscent of Colorado. We heard, “Canvas is the most welcoming name.” “I think of a canvas as being like a tarp that covers everything. People who are outdoorsy types use canvases as they go play in the mountains. They’re used as tents. As protectors to cover firewood. I just think a canvas is a Colorado term.”

      So, with that, Canvas was born. We love it and are embracing all that comes with it. We hope you feel the same passion and joy that we feel for our new name.

      PSCU has not been purchased by another company, nor is our name change a result of a merger with another company. Public Service Credit Union has been around since 1938, and we are a full-service financial cooperative with more than 232,000 members and 529 team members. We are the third largest credit union in Colorado at $2.3B in assets. We aren’t going anywhere. We are in this for the long haul.

      You’ll see a difference in how things look around the credit union, as well as how we interact with you. Our philosophy is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our members, and to help provide support and resources to help you afford life. This means we’re going to give it to you straight- no confusing jargon, no hidden costs or fees, and most importantly, we won’t try to offer you anything you won’t need. Providing the same level and ease of service that we’d expect from our own bank is how we roll.

      With our new brand, you may have noticed our snazzy new website (designed with you in mind). With our new site, you’ll be able to peruse our site easily from any device, see What’s New with Canvas (including giveaways, events, and special promotions), and better navigation between pages.

      Products & Services

      What we offer our members to help them plan and manage their financial journey.

      Most definitely. Members’ funds are insured by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for at least $250,000. Since the NCUA began insuring credit union members’ deposits, not one penny of insured savings has been lost by a member of a federally insured credit union.

      We’re dedicated to offering our members competitive rates while being totally transparent about fees, payments, and terms. We list our rates online for all our products. Click below to find our rates. Looking for a loan rate just for you? Reach out, we’re happy to chat about what works for you.


      Sure thing, in fact, we encourage it! You can bank with Canvas by logging into your account from a computer or your smartphone. Sign up for e-banking by clicking here, or by clicking the orange “LOGIN” button at the top of this page, at the bottom of the pop-up you’ll see a prompt for you to sign up. Heads up: You’ll need your member number, last 4 digits of your SSN or TIN, and your birth date handy.

      Want to bank from your smartphone? You can download our app by simply visiting canvas.org through your phone’s browser, or go straight to your phone’s app store by searching for Canvas Credit Union (helpful hint: look for our logo).

      Yes please, that sounds like a dream come true! We have many products and services to help you consolidate debt, but also teach you how to better manage your finances so you have control over your financial picture. Start your journey to debt-free land by getting your Credit Score Analysis. Click below to get started.

      Account Services

      Most likely: Not only do we have 26 super convenient branches spanning from Ft. Collins to Parker, CO, but we also let our members bank in-person at over 5,000 Shared Branches nationwide and over 30,000 fee-free ATMs. Pretty nifty, right? Click below to find the closest branch or ATM to you.


      Our thoughts are with you during this tough time. Making legal and financial decisions after a loved one has passed away is difficult. While we can’t make the experience of loss easier, we are here to help you sort through the next steps and have created a Guide for Handling a Deceased Member's Canvas Credit Union Accounts.

      This guide will explain the general responsibilities of a Personal Representative (also known as an executor or administrator) and provide an overview of the account settlement process. While we love to help, Canvas cannot provide you with legal advice or answer specific legal questions regarding the estate or the estate administration process. We encourage you to seek out a qualified probate attorney, and we can refer you to one if you would like.

      Guide to Deceased Member's Accounts

      Product & Service FAQs